[FFmpeg-user] RTSP Input/Output error (invalid data found)

Roquene roquene at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 6 07:07:37 CET 2014

Am 05.02.2014 23:20, schrieb Andrey Utkin:
> 2014-02-05 Roquene <roquene at googlemail.com>:
>> my Server is Ubuntu 12.04 (x86)
> I meant RTSP server software.
>> i downloaded the ffmpeg source, edited the corresponding lines and
>> compiled it. but get the same error "CSeq2 expected, 1 received".
> Please make new traffic dumps and analyze it. Did something change
> in ffmpeg request?

the RTSP Server is a IP Camera (apexis APM-H803-MPC).
if that's what you mean.
i want to restream the RTSP Source to RTMP with ffmpeg.

IP Camera RTSP ~> Ubuntu FFMPEG ~> RTMP Server (Justin.tv for example)

i added new traffic dump. and yes, something changed. the User-Agent is
now missing in the DESCRIBE Request. don't understand why.
Unfortunately, I have no idea about programming.

relevant part of my RTSP.c : http://pastebin.com/iEkLU7GR

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