[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg h264 decode error

Tom Evans tevans.uk at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 20 12:31:24 CET 2014

On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 12:01 AM, Manas Bhatnagar <b.manas.88 at gmail.com> wrote:
> By similar, I mean that the sample file also uses x264 for video and ac3
> audio.
> Compiler is standard FreeBSD 9 compiler.

I would recommend not using the standard compiler in FreeBSD 9,
install gcc46 (or higher) and binutils from ports

My base FreeBSD configure line is:

    ./configure --cc=/usr/local/bin/gcc46 \
        --extra-libs=-L/usr/local/lib --extra-cflags="-I/usr/local/include" \

This will give a significantly faster ffmpeg binary than the base compiler.

I've not yet started looking at using clang, which is the default cc
in FreeBSD 10.



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