[FFmpeg-user] Is this a video file?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Feb 28 15:39:56 CET 2014

Am 28.02.2014 14:51, schrieb Phil Rhodes:
>> RTFM aka "file --help"
> The problem with this sort of attitude is that you'd have no idea 
> that the feature even existed. 

me too but i typed "file --help" in my terminal before i wrote the reply

the good with this sort of attitude is that i help people to help
them self, not only for the current problem, now he has a chance
in case of a completly different CLI tool to remember "hey sometime
ago there was --help after the command i try to use"

> The default opensource approach to documentation of listing all of the 
> features in a text file requires entirely new users to cover-to-cover 
> the manual to see what might help.

the default approach for nearly all CLI tools is to support
"binary --help" or "binary -h", frankly ffmpeg does the same

> How was our correspondent supposed to know that "file" even has a "--mime-type" 
> argument, or for that matter what it would be called?

the same as i did before i wrote my reply, just type "file --help"
and then i searched a folder with a lot of different media files
typed the command and posted the output

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