[FFmpeg-user] I'm playing audio on my Linux PC from the WWW. Can I record it to a file with ffmpeg?

James Board jpboard2 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 2 14:44:44 CET 2014

> There is an ongoing political dispute going on between two
> factions who develop software that they both call "ffmpeg".
> Because of the nature of open source software, neither has
> any greater claim on being "the real ffmpeg" than the
> other.
Yes, I'm aware of the split, but I don't know any of the back story.
I know there's some bitter feelings between the two groups.  Anyway,
I didn't mean to step on that land mine.  I had no idea they both called
their version 'ffmpeg'.  If it makes anyone feel better, I exclusively use the
version of ffmpeg that this mailing list supports.  The other version is 
completely useless for anything!  (okay, I don't really know that but whatever).

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