[FFmpeg-user] I'm playing audio on my Linux PC from the WWW. Can I record it to a file with ffmpeg?

Alexander Strasser eclipse7 at gmx.net
Thu Jan 2 15:05:53 CET 2014

On 2014-01-02 05:06 -0800, Phil Rhodes wrote:
> James Board wrote:
> > I don't understand.  Why do you think it isn't ffmpeg?  
> There is an ongoing political dispute going on between two factions who develop software that they both call "ffmpeg". Because of the nature of open source software, neither has any greater claim on being "the real ffmpeg" than the other.

  This is *not* true. The developers that split from FFmpeg have their
own fork which they confusingly called Libav. Of course people commonly
refer to FFmpeg's libraries as libav because all of them start with the
libav prefix (except libswscale and libswresample). So one can easily
guess the resulting confusion. And we see it all the time when helping
people here and on #ffmpeg IRC channel on Freenode.

  To make things worse Debian and Ubuntu FFmpeg packages were switched
to the Libav fork without renaming the libraries which results in a
great deal of version and soname confusions for all projects that use
FFmpeg and the automatic exclusion of FFmpeg from Debian and Ubuntu.
And also they deliver FFmpeg binaries which claim ffmpeg is deprecated
and this already confused tons of users and it still goes on! Being able
to install the Libav fork with apt-get install ffmpeg too does *not* help!


  These mailing lists deal with FFmpeg and the website of the FFmpeg
project is, and always was, https://ffmpeg.org . You can find amongst
other things FFmpeg source code, documentation, mailing lists and a bug
tracker there; all of which are actively maintained. We only support
FFmpeg here if you want support for the Libav fork you need to use their
support channels. Remember they are different tools with different
features and bugs.

  We are happy to help you, but you need to test with ffmpeg.


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