[FFmpeg-user] Capturing Video/Audio for Screen Casting

Frank Tetzel s1445051 at mail.zih.tu-dresden.de
Fri Jan 3 15:58:41 CET 2014

> I'm running Linux Fedora 18 and I'm trying to capture both audio and
> video as I'm playing an mp4 file on the Linux Totem player. I could
> capture the video but I get no audio.  The ffmpeg command that I'm
> using is:
> ffmpeg  -f alsa  -ac 2  -i pulse  -f x11grab
> -r 30  -b:v 6000k  -acodec pcm_s16le
> -vcodec huffyuv  -preset ultrafast
> -threads 2  -ss 2  -t 15  outfile.avi
> Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could also capture the
> audio? Thanks very much for your help.


i guess you're using pulseaudio as sound server. Then it's best to also
use pulseaudio as input device instead of alsa.

When i recorded both, a microphone and internal sound, i used the
following command:

for mic:
-f pulse -i default

for internal sound:
-f pulse -i alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo.monitor

to get a list of devices:
$ pactl list sources


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