[FFmpeg-user] sound streaming

Stefano Sabatini stefasab at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 13:32:18 CET 2014

On date Saturday 2014-01-04 12:49:24 +0100, Adriano Pallavicino wrote:
> Hi, I need to transmit an audio stream (realtime) from a remote device
> (over IP) to a Server, able to record the stream on a local storage and
> stream again the original source - or a recorded chunk of data - to a
> Client device. Device, Server and Clients are physically separated.
> I was thinking of using ffmpeg on Device to stream OGG sound to the server
> (what kind of stream protocol I should use?).

> On Server side I was thinking of using ffserver and on Client side
> ffplay.

You can use HTTP to stream from device to ffserver, and RTSP or HTTP
to stream from ffserver to device.

To record the stream, you need an external recorder to get the
ffserver stream (you can use ffmpeg acting as HTTP/RTSP client). Since
you don't know when the device will start to stream, you need a
synchronization mechanism to start to record (basically to play the
stream) as soon as the device will start to stream.

Alternatively you can use multiple ffmpeg outputs to stream AND record
on the device at the same time. Note also that by default ffserver
will store the input stream locally, but the size of the file is
usually limited (but you can set the filesize limit to an arbitrary
high value).

Note: ffserver is not completely reliable so you may need some tests
to make sure it will work correctly, or you may consider an
alternative FLOSS solution like icecast.

> Is my idea correct? Any suggestion is appreciated.
> Thank you for your time and attention, regards

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