[FFmpeg-user] Reversing PAL->NTSC telecining.

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Jan 8 17:06:40 CET 2014

Nicholas Robbins <nickrobbins <at> yahoo.com> writes:

> ffmpeg  -fflags +genpts -i in.vob  -i novid.mkv -map 0:v 
> -map 1 -c copy out.mkv

Out of curiosity:
What does FFmpeg not support so that you always have to use 
additional input files?
(And why are you using -c copy, I thought this is all about 
inverse telecine?)

Without checking, I suspect that mkv stores an index (not the 
vob file) which has to be created while writing the file.

If this is reproducible with a simple command line (-i testsrc) 
I would like to test myself, >1G seems too much to me.

> I will if I have a problem with fieldmatch.

(The point here is that you trust fieldmatch to be superior 
although I hinted several times that this is not actually 

> For pullup I would replace 
> -vf fieldmatch,decimate 
> with
> -vf pullup -r 24000/1001
> and
> -vf fieldmatch,decimate=6
> with
> -vf pullup -r 25000/1001
> correct?

I suspect so.

Carl Eugen

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