[FFmpeg-user] interlaced result when transcoding from h264

Mitja Pirih mitja at alternet.si
Fri Jan 10 09:46:28 CET 2014

On 10. 01. 2014 09:25, Mitja Pirih wrote:
> On 10. 01. 2014 00:56, Henk D. Schoneveld wrote:
>> My goal is to downsize the stream as the streams will be pushed over a
>> wireless network. The original stream is between 2.5-5mbps, my target
>> is 1-1.8mbps. I am not so familiar with XBMC, I will check with the
>> options. Thank you for pointing to crf flag, I will remove it from the
>> config and leave just the nitrate.
>> Better remove the bitrate and leave the crf option. This way you get constant quality, if TV-show is ’talking heads’ it will be very low bitrate, and with sports, lot of movement you need higher bitrate for the same quality.  
> Thank you, I'll try with different crf settings and leave out bitrate.
> Is it possible that I am doing those "interlaced effects" with some not
> properly used options while transcoding?

I removed bitrate settings from config, but it looks that even if I set
crf to 18 I get very low bitrate, not surpassing 800k.


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