[FFmpeg-user] Questions about w3fdif deinterlacing

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 17:07:43 CET 2014

csparker247 wrote:
> Sorry, I didn't mean to top-post. I was replying with Gmail and it
> just included the whole post by default.
>> I couldn't find the parity option for w3fdif;-(
> This could very well be what's causing the skipping issue.

Yes, but the sample.mov is incorrect in that it is tff but the frames
acording to ffprobe are top_field_first=0.

Testing with yadif=1:parity=tff produces a working result.

I guess idet manages to by luck or design to tell w3fdif tff.

Thare may be another way to do this - but I don't know it.

AIUI DV* is specified as bff, so I guess this sample was not direct from
a camera but has been coded from elsewhere?

@Carl Eugen, while testing I notice that mplayer has a u/v reversal bug
for raw422p, though IIRC this is known - mentioned just in case I

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