[FFmpeg-user] Trying to ffmpeg to send frame buffer content from Raspberry Pi to another PC

David Peterson dpeterson478 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 18:46:49 CET 2014

I set up a Raspberry Pi with a cool software called rPlay to mirror an
iPad's screen to the Raspberry Pi.  rPlay turns the Raspberry Pi into an
AppleTV, basically.  It doesn't require X.  I want to be able use ffmpeg to
send what you see on the Raspberry screen (the mirrored iPad screen) to
another PC.  I actually want to have multiple pi's connected in this way to
a single PC and displayed as a mosaic.

Is there a way I could use ffmpeg to determine what input I should use to
"grab" this screen?  I tried grabbing the framebuffer, but no luck.  This
is a very general question, and I apologize in advance.  I have spent a lot
of time going through the ffmpeg manual, perusing this site, and have
learned a lot about ffmpeg.  I was just hoping to get a nugget of a hint.


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