[FFmpeg-user] draw a circle?

Stefano Sabatini stefasab at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 09:51:35 CET 2014

On date Thursday 2014-01-23 19:17:30 -0500, Dave Rice wrote:
> Hi all,

> Is it possible to draw a circle in ffmpeg with the existing filters?

No current way. Adding a drawshape filter would be cool (or
alternatively allow filter scripting and use a scripted drawing
library, but this is much more effort).

> In this case I have a square video frame but want to draw a circle
> over it where the center of the circle is the center of the video
> frame and the diameter of the circle is equal to the width (and
> height) of the video frame. Sort of like `ffplay -f lavfi
> color=s=1024x1024 -vf drawbox=color=white:x=w/2:y=h/2` but with a
> circle instead of square.

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