[FFmpeg-user] Bad Audio Codec

Lou lou at lrcd.com
Tue Jan 28 19:58:24 CET 2014

On Mon, 27 Jan 2014 16:28:58 +0200
Mahmoud Amer <m.amer at streamtrix.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm using ffmpeg transcoder with php on ubuntu server.
> transcoding is working but has audio problem.
> my used command is:
> ffmpeg -y -i /var/www/
> cbc.streamtrix.com/public/files/m1/189/videos/10/main/189_31027_1388797560.m2ts-f
> mp4 -vcodec libx264 -b 800000 -strict experimental -acodec aac -ab
> 256000 -s 640x480 /var/www/
> cbc.streamtrix.com/public/files/m1/189/videos/10/renditions/339/189_31027_1388797560_800Kb.mp42>&1

Please include the complete ffmpeg console output.

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