[FFmpeg-user] Best CPU for ffmpeg

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Jan 30 11:28:41 CET 2014

Henk D. Schoneveld <belcampo <at> zonnet.nl> writes:

> a 1000 frames test gives 340 - 360 % CPU usage

(Is that really enough?)

> while a threads 1 gives 130% CPU usage. Threads 1 
> doesn’t really mimic a 1 Core CPU, the encoding is 
> at 1 Core but decoding and scaling, as in my short 
> test, is done on another core.

What was your command line?

> What the relevant question is/should/could be depends. 


> Encode the:

This is actually mostly about decoding, I suspect 
encoding scales much better.

> fastest single file

This is not a useful question.
(It may be for some people but I suggest we all 
code instead of testing that -threads 3 is faster 
than -threads 2 is faster than -threads 1 - yes, 
it has an upper limit that probably depends on the 

> most frames from multiple files


Carl Eugen

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