[FFmpeg-user] Convert to a different frame rate smoothly (without jerky playback)

Don Denton don at happycollision.com
Thu Jan 30 21:04:39 CET 2014

I have been using the `-r` option to convert my video to different frame rates, as in this command:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -r 24 output.mp4

I noticed the playback is incredibly (understandably) jerky, as it seems that ffmpeg simply drops frames to keep the running length the same. I am going from 30fps to 24fps which I know is less than ideal as conversions go. I have used `-vf "fps=24"` to convert as well, and I still get the jerky playback.

So my question is this: Does ffmpeg support frame rate conversion that reinterprets the video in any way to create smooth playback? If not, are there other terminal/command line options that anyone knows of that I might be able to use for this final step of my video creation process?

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