[FFmpeg-user] regarding your ticket for real time Audio transcoding delay

Ilias Karakiritsis ikarakiritsis at isd.gr
Fri Jan 31 16:51:07 CET 2014

Hello Mr Shahab Shirazi,

My name is Ilias Karakiritsis and I am facing the same problem with  
the ffmpeggrabber as it is described in this ticket:

According to you, a patch that is described here: http://goo.gl/1SkLw  
is able to solve the problem of the delay due to the size of the 32KB  

I have already patched the code in both functions  
av_interleaved_write_frame() and av_write_frame() but no difference.  
The delay of about 8 seconds still remains.

Did you try something else to solve the problem;
Can you suggest me something else?

Thanks for you time.I am really appreciate it.

Best regards,
Ilias Karakiritsis

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