[FFmpeg-user] Convert .256 to avi with audio

André Luís Duarte andrelduarte at yahoo.com.br
Sat Aug 1 17:23:32 CEST 2015


Without having looked at the files.
My conclusion is that the problem appears after cutting with H264Player_install.exe, is that correct ?
If correct, cut under linux. If you know where to cut, it’s quit easy.
ffmpeg -ss 10 -i source.ext -t 30 source-cutted.ext
Result: 30 seconds from source.ext where the first 10 seconds are skipped.

The  H264Player_install.exe  is  only  a viewer.  When  I cut  the video file  with  dd if=Video1.264 of=Video1-cut.264 bs=1M count=5  the errors  continued to appear  when  was using the  cut  file.  
So  I played  the  cut  file in Windows  to see if the  audio  was present in the  cut  file.  For this  I used  H264Player_install.exe  that displays the  video with  audio.  
When I returned to  Linux,  the commands:  ffplay,  ffmpeg,  ffprobe  now  identify  correctly  the file type.  
The problem was that  deleted the  file that  ran  before comparing  this file with  the problem file.

On 01-08-2015 09:59, Henk D. Schoneveld wrote:
> dd if=Video1.264 of=Video1-cut.264 bs=1M count=5

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