[FFmpeg-user] Is FFV1 able to encode interlaced video?

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Aug 10 09:44:16 CEST 2015

MrNice <wxcvbn2006 <at> iol.ie> writes:

> From an interlaced input (video tape) is it 
> possible to capture interlaced video file 
> encoded with FFV1

What device or software is delivering the input 
to FFmpeg? Whatever it is, it will provide frames 
(because FFmpeg only accepts frames as input).

> (using -flags +ilme+ildct)?

These are flags intended to optimize encoding for 
some codecs. The test in the mailing list thread 
you linked indicated that there would be no gain 
implementing such flags.

The more important question is:
You are encoding frames with a lossless codec.
Why do want to capture "interlaced video"?
The lossless codec will encode your video and 
it will be interlaced after decoding if it was 
interlaced before encoding.

Please understand that there is a difference 
between interlaced content and interlaced 
encoding. There is no interlaced encoding 
with FFv1 because it appears not to save any 
bytes in the output file and if you have 
interlaced content it will be still be 

Most TV stations always use interlaced encoding 
where I live, no matter if the content is 
progressive or not.

Carl Eugen

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