[FFmpeg-user] Extract RTCP stats from AVFormatContext

Eloi Bail eloi.bail at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 18:09:44 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I work on an open source Audio/Video communication software
sending/receiving RTP streams. RTCP is enabled and RTCP reports between
peers are successfully exchanged over network and given to ffmpeg.

I would like to regularly extract RTCP report in my app to monitor for
example packet dropping.  RTPStatistics struct looks to be good.

I looked to ffmpeg code and could not find a way to expose it from
AVFormatContext . I would like to do something like this :

 RTSPState* rtsp_state = (RTSPState*) <my AVFormatContext struct>
 RTSPStream* rtsp_stream = rtsp_state->rtsp_streams[0];
 RTPDemuxContext* rtp_demux_context = (RTPDemuxContext*)

 RTPStatistics stat = rtp_demux_context->statistics;

But all those struct are not exposed.

Could someone tell me if I am wrong ? Would it be a good idea to expose it
by av_dict_set ?



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