[FFmpeg-user] ProRes -> MPEG2 bug: color shifting?

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Subject: [FFmpeg-user] ProRes -> MPEG2 bug: color shifting?

> Hi,
> I need helps for color shifting. Is it bug? or I am wrong with the usage?
> I get a .mov file and its video format is "ProRes 422, 24 fps, 1920x1080,
> BT.709".
> I put the MOV file in this mail as attachment "proress_hq.mov", and only
> one frame in this MOV.
> Using ffmpeg to convert it to MPEG-2:
> ffmpeg -i proress_hq.mov -c:v mpeg2video -b:v 30M -pix_fmt yuv420p my.m2v
> I compared them by previewing "proress_hq.mov" and "my.m2v" in Edius and I
> found there is a little color difference:
> "proress_hq.mov" seems to be a small little brighter than "my.m2v" and the
> color in "my.m2v" seems to be a little more saturate.

AFAIK, Edius uses Quicktime to decode.
There is a horrible bug in Quicktime that causes gamma shifts.
What you could try is to convert both your outputs to testfiles, both using 
the same codec/format.
Then compare those two. If they are alike, it's Edius that messes up things.


> How can i convert this mov to mpeg2 without color shifting?

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