[FFmpeg-user] dup! and duration too large!

Roger Pack rogerdpack2 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 00:29:21 CEST 2015

On 7/9/15, Roger Pack <rogerdpack2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Could any tell me/explain to me what the following warning messages really
> mean?
> , "*** %d dup!
> and
> Past duration %f too large

I'll try and figure these out and post back here if I do.
In the meantime, since this behavior affects input/output, it would be
nice if the "dup" functionality were moved to a libavfilter, so that
1) it could be more understandable and 2) others not using FFmpeg
would have access to it (call it "sanitize_video_input" or whatever
you like).

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