[FFmpeg-user] Advanced FFmpeg Options

Lou lou at lrcd.com
Mon Aug 24 08:22:17 CEST 2015

On Sun, Aug 23, 2015, at 09:03 PM, Justin Toner wrote:
> I am using FFmpeg via Linux terminal, but I started with the code
> generated by WinFF.

>From the looks of the command I don't think it's a good starting point.

> Here is the code line I am using now (transcoding takes ~ 1 hour for one movie)

The complete console output from your command is missing. This info is

> Is there a source / document I can go to in order to learn what the other
> options mean?

Don't bother. The presets will deal with many of the other options you
listed, so just use the presets instead of a legion of options. That's
what they were designed for. Generally, just use the slowest preset you
have patience for and the highest crf value that still provides an
acceptable quality.


See the yadif filter if you need to deinterlace. There are other filters
if you need to detelecine (I've never tried; search the mailing list

You may be interested in tools/dvd2concat to properly access the files
directly from the (unencrypted) DVD.

Or you can dump the files from the DVD to your computer and not deal
with re-encoding.

You didn't explain your use case for these outputs, or how you made the
inputs, or provide the console output, so I can only give very generic

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