[FFmpeg-user] Make the next stream continue where the previous one left off

Ivan Pozdeev ivan_pozdeev at mail.ru
Mon Dec 14 18:12:27 CET 2015

Hello Ffmpeg-user,

I've recently needed to repack a video file to a FAT32 volume - so, 4GB file
size limit. So, I'd have liked to output the result into consecutive parts not
exceeding this size - like archivers do.

The files need to be playable, so cutting raw standard output is not an option
(and would not anyway 'cuz ffmpeg needs the output to be seekable).

The only relevant options I found in docs & on the Net are:

- -ss & -t - split on predetermined time - then I need to know the time (thus
the exact average bitrate) beforehand
-fs - just stops output for the streamat specified size

I couldn't find any way to command ffmpeg to move to the next output stream
where the previous one left off rather than at some predetermined point.

Is there?

Best regards,
 Ivan                          mailto:vano at mail.mipt.ru

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