[FFmpeg-user] Need help; willing to pay

Matthew Adams matthew at matthewadams.me
Tue Jan 5 16:27:11 CET 2016


I'm a software developer myself, but just don't have the time to fix a
problem that I'm having.

I grabbed some videos recorded by Coach's Eye on iOS from my phone, and
they seem to use variable bitrates within the video.  A sample video file
(.mov format) is available via my Google Drive account at goo.gl/Bb6tQW
(or, if you already have Coach's Eye on iOS, just take a video at 720p @
240 fps, then use iExplorer to grab the file off of the iOS device).

A small set of frames at the beginning of the video seems to be recorded in
normal, 30 fps.  Then, it switches to the parameters I set in the app,
which was 720p @ 240 fps.  Then, then a small set of frames at the end of
each video seems to be set back to 30 fps.

I need to convert the hundred or so short videos of my kids' volleyball
rallies I took so that they don't play in regular motion for the first
second or so, then super-slow motion for the brunt of the video, then
regular motion for the last second or so.  Instead, I want them to play in
normal speed for the entirety of the video, minimizing any loss in image

If there were a single ffmpeg command or series of ffmpeg commands that I
could get from someone knowledgeable so that I can create a bash script and
just let 'er rip on all of my files, I'd be willing to pay like $25.  Audio
preservation would be a bonus, but is not required.

Anybody knowledgeable willing to knock this out for me?


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