[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg makes some sources darker

Jim Worrall coniophora at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 23:39:20 CET 2016

> On 2016 Jan 5, at 3:13 PM, Jim Worrall <coniophora at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Currently I just get an empty ffmpeg2pass-0.log and pass 1 is as slow as pass 2. As expected he result is worse as well.
> Uh-oh, I thought that’s what was supposed to happen (except for the worse result part).  I thought libx264 worked that way.  I better try it the other way!

I just tested doing pass both ways.  It is true that ffmpeg’s log appears to remain empty, while x265’s does not.  But the output is identical as near as I can tell, and putting pass as an ffmpeg option was actually slightly faster (both passes about the same speed as opposed to pass 1 being a bit slower via x265-params.

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