[FFmpeg-user] Need help; willing to pay

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 18:59:25 CET 2016

Matthew Adams wrote:
> Andy,
> The changes were not due to Google Drive.  They were due to Google Photos.
> If you allow Google Photos to store photos & vidoes at their prescribed
> fidelity (whatever that is), they'll let you store an unlimited amount of
> photos.  If you want to store them unchanged, then they count against your
> Google Drive quota.  With video, that can add up quick.
> The videos I originally copied over to Google Drive were from Google Photos
> with their unlimited-storage processing, which obviously didn't turn out so
> well with these videos.  The ones in the zip file are the originals and
> those converted perfectly thanks to Steve & Moritz.  I have all of the
> originals locally at home (and they're backed up with Backblaze - highly
> recommended by me), so after I process all of the videos at home, Google
> Photos will pick them up, then we'll see what Google Photos does with them.

Ahh, OK thanks for the explanation.

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