[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg %04d.png to test.flash

Willem Piening wpi at live.be
Thu Jan 7 06:54:58 CET 2016


I'm a novice in using ffmpeg and i looked around on the net to find some idea's about using ffmpeg to convert
a series of png files with alpha channel to a flash movie with the alpha channel respected.

I found some msg's about how to do this but in my case they don't work.
ffmpeg -i %04d.png  -convert -?? test.avi

Now i would like to ask how to do this the proper way so it would work. 
Is it possible that i miss a "codec" to transform 1527 png files to a flash movie keeping the alpha channel?
The png files are created with powerpoint under a batch proces, using a new background that is transparent and with 
editing the png removing the background so i have a object with a transparent background.

Could someone help me on this so i can understand ffmpeg better, many options and possibilities but with trial and error i 
go nowhere. 

Many thanks for the given assistance upfront.

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