[FFmpeg-user] Strange behaviour when setting RTSP_TRANSPORT option to UDP_MULTICAST

Ali Can Albayrak albayrakalican at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 10:30:34 CET 2016


I have an strange issue with ffplay. In my network, I have multiple video
encoders which are Moxa Vport 461.

Video encoders are broadcasting rtsp over udp multicast stream.

When I test it with ffplay, without setting "-rtsp_transport" option to

It gives an error as below:

[rtsp @ 0x7f3b640008c0] Nonmatching transport in server reply=0/0
rtsp:// Invalid data found when processing

If I add this, I'm not able to see any other stream (with -rtsp_transport
udp_multicast ).

There is exactly same problem:


Ps. I posted this mail to ffmpeg issue track mail list yesterday but nobody
answered. I also posted it to here.


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