[FFmpeg-user] Reading directly from .iso DVD image

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Wed Jan 13 17:22:15 CET 2016

Le duodi 22 nivôse, an CCXXIV, Etienne Desautels a écrit :
> After more tests I hit some problems with some videos:
> ffmpeg -hide_banner  -i /mnt/archivescollection/test_file.iso -f null -af ebur128=peak=true:framelog=verbose -vf idet,cropdetect=0.12:2:1 -y /dev/null /mnt/archivescollection/test_file.iso: Invalid data found when processing input

The ".iso" format is not a multimedia format, it is the octet-per-octet
image of a ISO 9660 / UDF file system with files in it. Since most of the
payload is MPEG-PS, a format without global headers and enough resync code,
reading the file directly will likely find some near the beginning and treat
the rest of the data as garbage, but that is pure luck.

If you mount the filesystem, you can observe that the payload is fragmented
in large-but-not-huge files, and the payload in these file contains program
and menus together, possibly out of order.

There is a script in the tools directory that can generate a concat script
file for a given DVD title, with quite a few limitations. It could be
extended to work with ISO images from the outside.


  Nicolas George
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