[FFmpeg-user] Trying to cut 5 sec of beginning and ending of mp4 files

tsh at tshilton.com tsh at tshilton.com
Mon Jan 18 23:54:14 CET 2016

I have made some headway.  I am using this command line:
for %%a in ("*.mp4") do ffmpeg -ss 00:00:10 -i  "%%a" -codec copy "newfiles\%%~na.mp4"
which does seem to cut out the first 10 seconds of the 100 MPG4 files I have tried.  Now if I
can only figure out how to cut out the last 5 seconds.  Remember these mpeg files are
varying lengths varying from 24 minutes to 1 hr 20 minutes.  

Again any help would be appricated.
PS I am see an undetermined length message at the end of each file run in the bat file.  It seems
To add about 5 or so seconds before showing the last 20 frames the best I can tell.  These last
20 frames is what I would like to get removed from the MP4 file that I already converted with
The above command line.


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I am been trying almost every combination of switches to be able to cut 5 sec from the start and 5 sec from the ending of variable length mp4 files.

I have not been successful at doing either.  I guess I really don't understand the usage.  I have more than 100 files to do.

Can anyone suggest a command string that will work?





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