[FFmpeg-user] Trying to transcode raw video file from VLC

no6b at no6b.com no6b at no6b.com
Wed Jan 20 17:24:43 CET 2016

At 1/20/2016 02:14 AM, you wrote:
> <no6b <at> no6b.com> writes: > So would be mean there's no way for FFmpeg to decode > this file? Please either upload a sample (no matter the size) or provide a vlc command line that allows me to produce such a sample so I can fix this issue that I consider (from your description) very annoying. The sample you tested is an avi file with 99% probability, not rawvideo. Carl Eugen

OK, I found a shorter sample that I generated during my last set of screencaps that's only 24 MB so I just uploaded that (RV32_screencap_from_VLC_540x65_30fps.avi).



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