[FFmpeg-user] Why is audio sampling rate 22050 not supported for WebM ?

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Wed Jan 27 20:04:48 CET 2016

Le nonidi 9 pluviôse, an CCXXIV, Shyam Sundar a écrit :
> I just realized after upgrading FFmpeg from 2.2.1 to 2.8.1 recently that
> 22050 audio sample rate is no longer supported for WebM encoding by latest
> FFmpeg versions.

WebM is a format, not a codec. Encoding is done with a codec, and then the
result is stored in a format.

> C:\>ffmpeg.exe -i C:\Wildlife.wmv -ar 22050 C:\Output.webm

Your command line does not specify a codec. This is a very bad idea since
you are therefore relying on the default, and it can change without notice
for various reasons.


  Nicolas George
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