[FFmpeg-user] ffprobe for mp3: "Invalid data found when processing input"

James Mead ffmpeg at floehopper.org
Fri Jan 29 18:31:47 CET 2016

On 29 January 2016 at 18:26, Charles Winthrop <charlie at nts-show.com> wrote:
> "The file has an ID3 tag including an artwork PNG image of ~1MB."
> But when you crop said image, the error goes away. Therefore, ffprobe
> "thinks" there's a limit.

That's what I thought initially, but I have other mp3 files with the
same artwork image (un-cropped) and those are detected without an
error, e.g. this one [3].

[3]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/udhph9btqkq0zba/example-without-error-2.mp3?dl=0

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