[FFmpeg-user] FFPROBE and Tags in MOV/MP4 files

Dave Navarro, Jr. dave at topekadesign.com
Mon May 16 02:57:45 CEST 2016

I am using the latest version of FFPROBE to extract meta data from MOV and
MP4 files uploaded to my web site.


ffprobe -v quiet -show_format -show_streams -show_private_data -print_format
json test.mp4


I am running some tests and I can't seem to locate where "TAGS" or
"KEYWORDS" are stored.


On my Windows 7 machine, when I right-click on a .MP4 file and go to the
"Details" tab. I put in the Title and Comments which I can see in the
FFPROBE output as being in the FORMAT section.


        "tags": {

            "comment": "Close up of a wet green leaf at a National Park in

            "title": "Wet Leaf 4k"



But I can't find the tags/keywords.


Can anyone help?



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