[FFmpeg-user] minimal nb_sambles in ogg frame

Basin Ilya basinilya at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 11:34:33 EET 2017

I'm splitting a .wav file into a set of chainable .ogg files all having 1 second duration.
I'm using input flags: "-ss n -t 1"

When I concatenate these ogg files, the resulting clip is slightly longer than the original. Is it because the minimal nb_sambles in ogg frame is 128 and a set of ogg
frames cannot contain exactly 44100 samples?

    </dev/null ffmpeg -y -ss 0 -t 1 -i test.wav -af "ashowinfo" test1.ogg
    # pts:44032 nb_samples:68
    </dev/null ffmpeg -y -ss 1 -t 1 -i test.wav -af "ashowinfo" test2.ogg
    # pts:44032 nb_samples:68

    </dev/null ffmpeg -y -i "concat:test1.ogg|test2.ogg" -af "ashowinfo" test5.wav
    # pts:88132 nb_samples:128

88132 + 128 != 88200

    ffprobe test5.wav
    # Duration: 00:00:02.01

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