[FFmpeg-user] filter: subtitles and special chars

Mike F paziu at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 20:55:37 EET 2017


Due to the fact that I cannot get "-i my.srt" and "sub_charenc" to work, even after ( I guess ) satisfying 'iconv' requirements during the compile of N-83701-g70ebc05-1 20170205, I found the "subtitles" filter and 'charenc=CP1250' perfectly doing the job.
The only small issues is that the subtitle filename.srt can not use any characters that need to be escaped, such as '[' ']' etc.

When issuing this option:

-filter:v scale=960:-1,subtitles=myvidfile\[1of3\].srt:charenc=CP1250:force_style='Fontsize=24:original_size=hd480'

the "myvidfile\[1of10\].srt" name causes ffmpeg to error out with:

[Parsed_subtitles_1 @ 0x5635ef66d280] Unable to open myvidfile
[AVFilterGraph @ 0x5635ef667560] Error initializing filter 'subtitles' with args 'myvidfile'

wrapping the myvidfile[1of10].srt in double or single quotes does not help...

Thank you!


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