[FFmpeg-user] Missing bitrate information on AAC encoded videos

Marco moonchild at moonchild.it
Sat Mar 4 18:24:24 EET 2017


i use to encode the audio of my movie using libfdk_aac, but in the
result file doesn't
appear the used bitrate (with mediainfo, ffprobe, etc.). I encode using
CBR mode, in general
matroska container.

I have the same problem with Handbrake.

I've written to the FDK site, this is the response:


The problem is that the missing information cause different issues with
other software.
For example i had to hack the libmedianfo per library in order to
manage that.

Can please someone explains how i can see the bitrate of the AAC audio
encoded with ffmpeg
using such library and, in general, how i can make this information
visible to the other softwares ?

Thanks for the attention and sorry for the bad english.

Best regards.





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