[FFmpeg-user] Convert iPhone MOV to Android MP4

Cley Faye cleyfaye at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 20:21:57 EET 2017

2017-03-08 17:56 GMT+01:00 Richard Duran <ricdur2 at gmail.com>:

> From what I can tell of the following output, the input audio bitrate is 85
> kb/s, and the output is 69 kb/s.
> I would like to know if it's possible to retain the source audio bitrate. I
> am doing this via a batch file that loops through iPhone videos that have
> varying bitrates.
> E:\> ffmpeg.exe -i 100APPLE\IMG_0075.MOV -vcodec copy -acodec aac
> C:..\iPhone\DCIM\IMG_0075.MP4

​Since your input already have aac audio, and you're already copying the
video stream as-is, why not just "-codec copy"​ and be done with it?

If you specify "-acodec aac" it will do a transcode, taking time, and use
default values, which is obviously not what you want.
Also, if you do want to transcode from aac to aac, there's no much point in
trying to keep the same bitrate; it'll be lossy anyway.

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