[FFmpeg-user] Optimizing CPU Utilization

Ankit Gupta ankit.gupta at globallogic.com
Tue Mar 21 05:10:48 EET 2017

Hi All,

Need help regarding resources utilization of ffmpeg while generating .m3u8
from RTSP feed.

I am using following command for .m3u8 generation from RTSP

ffmpeg -rtsp_transport tcp -i {RTSP} -c:v libx264 -crf 35 -preset ultrafast
-maxrate 3M -bufsize 100K -r 50 -g 100 -movflags +faststart -tune
zerolatency -hls_time 1 -hls_list_size 4 -hls_wrap4 -start_number 1
-hls_allow_cache 0 -threads 1 -loglevel warning -y {PATHM3U8}

This is on demand streaming. Let us say I have five camera. User clicks on
live camera request of any one, that starts one instance of FFMpeg with
above command. Its taking a lot of memory and CPU resources? Any thoughts
on how to optimize it?

Ankit Kumar Gupta

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