[FFmpeg-user] gain the highest quality with H264 at a certain bit rate

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 12:15:40 EEST 2017

negin tebyani wrote:
>> Well ignoring requests for ffmpeg console output and a section
>> of the master that the provided samples were made from means
>> that less people will even try to help you.
> I don'n know how to reach for ffmpeg output console, but here is a section
> of the master video:
>  https://ufile.io/6c57f1

OK, so after converting good, bad and master to ffv1 and getting them
start at the same frame, testing is easy = make test encode from "new"
master, then a script can almost instantly make appear 4 stacked .pngs
of any frame I want.

They are all crap in different ways, depending on what frame is chosen
but I guess the aim it just to get a look more like the good than bad.

I am using newer ffmpeg/libx264 than you, and of course this test is not
perfect eg. I convert to .png (with flags) which may look better/worse
than whatever player you use. Also as I cut to match frames the starting
point is different - but given all that the thing that gets me closer
to your good sample is simply adding -tune psnr

..... -c:v libx264 -b:v 2048k -maxrate 2048k -bufsize 5000k -tune psnr 
-preset veryslow ......

Maybe other options will get closer - you would really have to post a
screen/player shot of what you consider "bad", one with the clock on
screen so I can easily find the frame and compare.

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