[FFmpeg-user] movement on ffmpeg .R3D v4 support?

Rob Wentz rwentz at pedersen.com
Fri Mar 31 22:09:45 EEST 2017

I'm curious simply because I never heard any further - did you ever receive the samples I provided? 
Paul? The initial response was that you needed more samples. . . 


username: ffmpeg-user
password: r3d

There is footage from both cameras we use- 8K Helium and some 5k and 6k footage from Red Weapon. 

first four RED HELIUM shots (C001-C004) are 
6144x3160 @ 25 fps REDCODE 5:1, No HDR

last two RED HELIUM shots (C012-C013) are 

6144x2592 @ 25 fps REDCODE 5:1, No HDR

RED WEAPON shots in A001_0128QY are:
6144x3160 @ 23.976 fps REDCODE 4:1, No HDR

RED WEAPON shots in all B002_C0XXXXX folders are:
5k (5120x2700) 23.976

If there are any resources needed I'm happy to provide anything to help get FFMPEG capable of transcoding modern (R4 - NOT R3) R3Ds from RED cameras. 

The work can be done at CLI with REDline but it's beta software that doesn't run on os x or windows. Limitation in our current archive solution. I'd love to live my entire life in linux but that's not how the world works. 

Thank you!

On 2/24/17, Rob Wentz <rwentz at pedersen.com> wrote:
>> I'm curious where things are at in terms of .R3D v4 support for ffmpeg.
> We need more samples.
> I'm happy to provide! Specifically what are you looking for? we have 2
> weapons and 2 epics.

Whatever you wanted supported in ffmpeg, we need each sample that adds new
features. If you have specification even better.
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