[FFmpeg-user] Fisheye-equirectangular in real time

Edward Bellamy ed at staplesvr.com
Wed Feb 28 14:25:17 EET 2018


I am looking for a way to convert my fisheye video to equirectsangular in
realtime or as low latency as possible.

I was thinking about using ffmpeg with 2 SDI capture cards for input and
output and using the remap filter to relight the pixels,

Do you have any experience with a build like this?
Is it possible to do input and output via SDI?
How do i get this running as low latency as possible?

Kind regards

Edward Bellamy | Creative & Technical Director

AU +61 476 100 722

http://www.staplesvr.com <http://www.staplesvr.com.au/>

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