[FFmpeg-user] How to properly record sound when capturing web cam?

Jean Louis ffmpeg at rcdrun.com
Wed May 2 03:00:51 EEST 2018

On Tue, May 01, 2018 at 07:23:09PM +0200, Erik Dobberkau wrote:
> > I have tried this one:
> >
> > ffmpeg -y -f v4l2 -thread_queue_size 800 -video_size 800x448 -i
> > /dev/video0 -f alsa -thread_queue_size 10000 -ac 1 -ar 14400 -i default
> > -q:v 5  output.webm; mplayer output.webm; ls -l output.webm
> >
> >
> This might not have the least to do with all of this, I just want to poiunt
> out that an audio sample rate of  14400 Hz (where I guess 44100 is
> intended) might contribute to trouble downstream...

Well I did try that in first place, without 14400,
that was when I was making OGV to make size of
video smaller. Otherwise with or without sound
rate, the sound goes off in some formats such as
MP4 or MKV.


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