[FFmpeg-user] Issue with hardware decoding of H265 video stream via QSV

Vivekanand sendtovivekanand at gmail.com
Fri May 1 23:30:45 EEST 2020


I am trying to decode H265 frames in hardware (QSV) via ffmpeg (3.4.7) on
Intel CPU. Following command works perfectly on terminal ( OS : CentOS):

* build/lin_x64/bin/ffmpeg  **-c:v hevc_qsv -load_plugin hevc_hw **-hwaccel
qsv -i <h265-video-name> -f null -*

I am trying to re-produce similar behaviour via program (C++) to decode
video frames having h265 data but I am unable to find code snippet that
sets (-hwaccel qsv) option via program.

Command above sets 3 parameters :

   1. *-c:v hevc_qsv *
   codec = avcodec_find_decoder_by_name("*hevc_qsv*");

*-load_plugin hevc_hw *    int ret1 = av_dict_set(&opts, "*load_plugin*", "
   *hevc_hw*", 0);

   and later on passing this to :
   int ret2 = avcodec_open2(avctx, codec, &*opts*);


*-hwaccel qsv  <Need snippet demonstrating this setting> *

I am not able to set *-hwaccel qsv *via program, need code snippet
demonstrating similar settings (-hwaccel qsv).


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