[FFmpeg-user] Closed Captions for zone 1 DVD

PPRJ01 pprj01 at orange.fr
Wed May 6 00:11:52 EEST 2020

Thank you Carl Eugen,

I tried adding large values with options "-analyzeduration" and "probesize" but this does NOT work for Closed Captions even if it works properly for regular subtitle streams.

Please understand that I am not a beginner. I have a 45 years background in IT support for several companies of more than 100,000 employees all over the world.

Have in mind that many people are not developpers and need simple answers to simple questions.

Again : is there any special codification of Closed Caption for US DVDs ?



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> Am Di., 5. Mai 2020 um 17:41 Uhr schrieb PPRJ01 
: > I don't understand why neither ffmpeg nor ffprobe detect presence of closed captions within MP4/H.264 in some video streams when VLC does. > > Let me explain this... In the past 20 years, I have been working in several countries over the world and I bought official DVDs. Not duplicates ;-) I ripped them first to VOB and recently converted them to MP4/H.264 with ffmpeg without using the "-a53cc" option. > > Reminder : when running ffmpeg and ffprobe, a few lines are written first to stderr. The words "Closed Captions", when present, indicate that the video stream contains closed captions. > > ==> The point is that ffmpeg/ffprobe do not show closed captions existence for MP4/H.264 files that come from ZONE 1 DVDs but VLC does and displays them. > > ==> Conversely, for zone 2 DVD, ffmpeg/ffprobe work properly. > > ==> Do you know why this happens ??? > > I am currently using a Windows 10 version of ffmpeg/ffprobe. Please see the details below with a DVD, bought in zone 1, that contains closed captions. > ________________________________________ > > ffprobe version 4.1 Copyright (c) 2007-2018 the FFmpeg developers Please test current FFmpeg git head before reporting issues on this mailing list. For future questions: Please understand that your subject is maximally misleading, please try to improve... Finally: Please confirm that this happens for files where the first closed captions appear later in the stream and retry with (very) large values for -analyzeduration and -probesize. Carl Eugen _______________________________________________ ffmpeg-user mailing list ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org https://ffmpeg.org/mailman/listinfo/ffmpeg-user To unsubscribe, visit link above, or email ffmpeg-user-request at ffmpeg.org with subject "unsubscribe".

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