[FFmpeg-user] Newbie needs help on capture video/audio using ffmpeg on RPI

Ram Shaffir ram at ram.sh
Thu May 14 17:56:00 EEST 2020

> You are trying to convert a RAW 1080p @ 60fps (1988671 kb/s) stream to
> h.264 504p @ 30fps (2100Kb/s), the raspberry PI *DOES NOT* have the CPU power and the USB bus cant 
> handle 248.583875 Mbytes/s

Hmm... any suggestions on how to make it work? A different HW between the GoPro and the PI that does most of the encoding? Something like this: https://www.epiphan.com/products/avio-hd/  (this solution does not work with the PI according to their support), but maybe something else?

I truly need to find a solution to this, and your support is priceless!! 

Again, many thanks to you all!

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