[FFmpeg-user] Problem with colorhold filter

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Sat May 16 10:41:32 EEST 2020


I just found out that the colorhold filter doesn't behave as described. 
In the documentation is written:
Similarity percentage with the above color. 0.01 matches only the exact 
key color, while 1.0 matches everything.

But when I use similarity=1.0, it matches a wide range of colors, but 
not everything. Can be reproduced as follows:

ffmpeg -f lavfi -i color=black:s=1280x256 -vf 
-frames 1 -y spectrum.png

ffmpeg -i spectrum.png -filter_complex 
colorhold=color=00FF00:similarity=1.0:blend=0 -y out.png


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