[FFmpeg-user] Failed / strange build script, now with log / script files in link

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Tue May 11 12:29:52 EEST 2021

Am 11.05.21 um 09:50 schrieb Bouke:
>> from the Compilation guide it is suggestred that macOS comes with freetype installed.
>> freetype-config on the ‘good’ machine works,
>> but on the non-working machine:
>> -bash: freetype-config: command not found
>> So, two problems:
>> 1) not fully static
>> 2) not able to build on ’some’ machines
>> What am I missing?
>> Logfiles and script are attached
>> Bouke
> Logfiles and script is here:
> Download link
> https://we.tl/t-UB5Ynvv8DE <https://we.tl/t-UB5Ynvv8DE>
> (Original script comes from https://github.com/markus-perl/ffmpeg-build-script <https://github.com/markus-perl/ffmpeg-build-script> )

besides that i won't use Apple or such a sript can't you read or what 
did you not understand in **only Linux** in context of "1) not fully static"


Usage: build-ffmpeg [OPTIONS]
   -h, --help                     Display usage information
       --version                  Display version information
   -b, --build                    Starts the build process
       --enable-gpl-and-non-free  Enable non-free codecs  - 
   -c, --cleanup                  Remove all working dirs
       --full-static              Complete static build of ffmpeg (eg. 
glibc, pthreads etc...) **only Linux**
                                  Note: Because of the NSS (Name Service 
Switch), glibc does not recommend static

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