[Ffmtech-board-election] FFmtech board elections

Benjamin Larsson banan at ludd.ltu.se
Wed Jun 8 01:03:39 CEST 2011

Candidates for the FFmtech board:

1, Stefano Sabatini
2, Diego Biurrun
3, Reinhard Tartler
4, Michael Niedermayer
5, Luca Barbato
6, Reimar Döffinger
7, Alex Converse
8, Carl Eugen Hoyos
9, Benjamin Larsson

9 candidates for the 7 board positions.

Voting procedure:

Each person who votes are to cast 7 votes for the people they want to be
part of the board. Each person should then chose a token and encode it
with "echo 'token' | shasum", the resulting hash and votes are then to
be sent to the voting secretary. When all votes are in or the voting
time is over the secretary publishes the votes, hashes and result.

The voting secretary is Baptiste Coudurier, baptiste.coudurier at gmail.com.

The vote will start Thursday 9th of June and end on Thursday 16th of June.

Wednesday 8th of June will be available for the candidates to present
themselves if they choose to do so. Presentations should be sent to this

This mailing-list is moderated, candidate presentations and vote result
will be let through. After the vote is finished the list will be disbanded.

Benjamin Larsson

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