[Libav-user] FFmpeg x264 settings for zero-delay encoding?

Christian Brümmer christian.bruemmer at gmx.de
Sun Jun 17 13:12:33 CEST 2012

The configuration this way is working as expected but i get into another 
problem., I m using the built in rtsp client to connect to a live555 
server. the video is playing perfectly till i lost a packet (for testing 
purpose im using ffplay) than the decoding breaks and i get many 
artifacts and flickering which never returns back to a well output. i 
think this is because of frames which depending on other frames.

what im expecting of zerolantency is one packet (frame/nal) is not 
depending on other frames so it can be decoded as it is. this seems to 
be not the case.

what configuration is needed to get sure one packet - one nal unit can 
be encoded without another packet/nal unit?

Am 17.06.2012 12:09, schrieb Christian Brümmer:
> Nice this is exactly what i need!
> Thank you!
> Am 17.06.2012 02:16, schrieb Aleksey Shubin:
>> There is "preset" and "tune" options in ffmpeg, you can set them that 
>> way:
>> #include "opt.h"
>> av_opt_set(codecContex->priv_data, "preset", "ultrafast", 0);
>> av_opt_set(codecContex->priv_data, "tune", "zerolatency", 0);
>> where codecContex is AVCodecContext.
>> For other x264 options that isn't presented in ffmpeg you could use
>> "x264opts" option:
>> av_opt_set(codecContex->priv_data, "x264opts",
>> "no-mbtree:sliced-threads:sync-lookahead=0", 0);
>> 2012/6/17 Christian Brümmer<christian.bruemmer at gmx.de>:
>>> I need information how to set those parameter via c/c++! this where 
>>> things
>>> become tricky
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